Exhibitors and Visitors about AgroFarm 2015

AgroFarm is a very important event for Russia, especially in the current situation. We want to cooperate with foreign companies, to develop our own production. Nowadays, the principal direction of the Russian government – of the Russian parliament – is to create everything necessary for the development of Russian production. Of course, we need our own modern technologies, genetics. We hope, that together with our western partners we will be able to create a strong production base here, enabling us to export.
The most important fact is that despite the difficult situation, practically all renowned manufacturers came to the show. I am quite sure that they found their customers, consumers and partners here to increase their exports to Russia. This will benefit both western and Russian companies, because such a combination of modern technology and ability to perform agricultural work can only spell success.
Sergey Lisovskiy, Senior Vice-president of Council of the Federation Committee for Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management

First of all I would like to mention that every show is the obtaining of new knowledge, exchange of ideas. Now, in our situation of import substitution, this has a huge importance. I think, the organisers of AgroFarm have achieved a lot in this direction in all sectors: in dairy and cattle, in pig and in poultry.
I consider the aim of the show is arrived. AgroFarm offers to the professionals new knowledge redounding to advantage of Russian domestic animal production and in broad terms to advantage of Russian agricultural.
Vladimir Fisinin, Vice-President, Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences, President, Russian Poultry Union „Rosptitsesoyuz“

AgroFarm is gaining ground year by year. The two main reasons for this are: The first reason is that the intensive development of domestic husbandry and breeding is continuing. The second reason is that more and more companies open their business in Russia. According to this for everyone who keep husbandry there is no necessary to go abroad for sharing. This does not mean, the foreign traveling are called off, but technology and equipment simply have come here, have concentrated at this show. This why we have the mixture of such two factors: from the one hand we have intensive development, from the other hand already worthful professional offer we see here. By taking into account the current situation this show is especially important. Development rates provided such high demand, that the animal production placing in Russia has got profitable. For this reason those who keep this production and those who support with all requires meet at AgroFarm. This is the key feature of this show.
The animal production’s development is continuing in all its parts in a very intensive way, for example the industrial pig production raised in 5,5 times (five point five folded?). The similar situation is in the poultry production. In the cattle production there is also a reasonable growth. So that I think everyone who is interested in such trends of development shall be here at AgroFarm, to find the closeness to the producers, to provide technology, know-how, every kind of sale and service asf. This why we will be glad, if the manufacturers of all essential components will be present at this show. Properly speaking this is already the case and the number of those manufacturers grows years by years.
Yury Kovalev, General Director, National Union of Swine Breeders

There are various reasons why we are taking part in AgroFarm. Firstly, it is the largest milk and dairy trade fair in Russia. Secondly, it is the first trade fair in the year. This is where the season really begins. Thirdly, many other firms, all the major well-known companies operating in the dairy sector, are represented here. That is why it is interesting for customers – for farmers and for others, as they can see all the manufacturers at the same time and in the same place. Very many of our partners were there, very many of our dealers, but also new, interested dealers, and of course some farmers too – from many parts of Russia. We were there for the first time last year and we immediately found a number of new, interesting and good partners with whom we are still working today. This time too we met some new people with whom I believe we are going to cooperate. In this way AgroFarm helps us a great deal. Furthermore, we are now showing a few new products as well, so that many people come and look at them, write about them and take photos of them, and in this way we present our most recent innovations.
Jeroen Keijzer, General Director, OOO Lely Rus

We took part already in the first AgroFarm and have been attending every show since then. For us, AgroFarm is a kind of benchmark among the various trade fairs. We see that the quality of visitors at AgroFarm is very high, initially as regards the numbers who come, but also as regards the individual background and qualification.
What we like most about AgroFarm is the combination of seminars, the central topic and the exhibition area. We can demonstrate and show our marketing approach as well as our products in every way.
The targets we set ourselves were relatively high, as our attendance at the show in previous years always produced very good results. Goal No. 1 was to achieve an even better result. We have undertaken massive efforts for this – showing products, initiating dialogues with visitors, and attempting to involve them in our various demonstrations.
Ralf Böhling, General Manager, OOO RABOS International

I have lost count of how many times we have taken part in AgroFarm. First, there came one person and now we have a whole team. We think AgroFarm matches our leading exhibitions. Fortunately, we've had so many visitors this year that we could only find five minutes in all these days to be able to talk to you.
At AgroFarm shows I like the people best! People who come and are eager to know what could be done to implement their ideas. And our distinguishing feature is that we advise and calculate what investments are needed today in order to get returns tomorrow. Visitors from all over Russia – from Kaliningrad to Kamchatka – come to AgroFarm. They include those whom we have been supporting for many-many years, they are happy with our equipment and they stay loyal to our company, and we are loyal to these customers and we do our best to make them come to us again.
Michael Hartmann, General Manager, Hartmann Lebensmitteltechnik Anlagenbau GmbH

We are participating for a second time. We liked it the first time and are enjoying it now too.
This show comes as a bonus – pleasantly unexpected. We are happy so far that the days have been busy, quite a lot of interested people of various backgrounds – from huge agribusiness holding companies to ordinary farmers who are very keen, seek information and ask specific questions. What we like best is this calm atmosphere and the presence of valuable visitors. There is no fuss, but concrete and substantial discussions.
Stanislav Luchko, General Director, Representation Kutlusan Russia

This is the first time for our company. We decided to participate in this show, AgroFarm, because we would like to develop our market in Russia. I see a high level of visitor quality here: Many people who know what they have to do. People who need to do something, something concrete. Precisely the right number of visitors interested in our products and in our sector. The show makes a good impression on us because we are gathering many contacts from Russia and neighbouring countries and so we are happy about this.
Daniele Pedercini, General Manager, Evoteck SRL

We decided to look for potential buyers at professional shows and realized that AgroFarm is really one of the best events to find professional customers, where you can discuss things, where people understand you, an event with the most business-like atmosphere of all similar exhibitions held currently in Russia.
Visitors come from a vast geographic area, including many executives, but most importantly, this is the only show attended by experts in relevant technologies, therefore they know what they are looking for. If their farm has a problem, they look for companies that can help and solve the problem. This is what makes AgroFarm different.
We engage with visitors not just to sell our products, but also to offer our help, so that the person realizes what's in it for him, how he will benefit, what kind of returns on investment and profits he will receive, how his daily operational issues will be addressed.
Viktor Tregubov, General Manager, ООО Leksyryio

We have been taking part in AgroFarm since 2007. As our company has grown, the show has developed as well. We are very glad to be participating here. It is a real event for us, as well as for our clients. We see the show not only as an occasion for sustaining the brand image of our company on the market, but also as an excellent opportunity to meet our customers. I think Moscow, VDNH, is the best place to meet. It is convenient for all to gather here, to touch base, to see each other, to learn about the innovations on the market.
The visitors come to us from all regions of Russia. Before the show starts, we send out invitations to visit our stand to all our existing and potential clients.
As regards the quality of visitors altogether, persons coming to AgroFarm range from people working in animal husbandry to technical specialists and managers at various levels.
I recommend participation in AgroFarm to all agricultural companies, both manufacturers and suppliers.
Elena Shilova, Topigs Norsvin, Marketing Communication Manager Topigs CIS

This is our first time at AgroFarm and it is important for us to look around, to familiarize ourselves with the Russian market, and we are looking forward to cooperation with Russian farms. The Russian market plays a big role in our development strategy, and this is the key purpose of our participation.
This show is quite well known also outside Russia. We learned about it while attending EuroTier in Hanover, and the exhibition is rather well known in the industry. We are not just happy, we are absolutely thrilled by the show! We look forward to making useful contacts.
Evgeniy Kazantsev, Director, Agrocentric Ltd/ EasyFix RUS

This year we are participating in AgroFarm for the second time and we are glad, because it is an excellent show, giving us a chance to gain new customers. Firstly, the organisation is very good. The separation between the two parts of the hall is just right and the entrance is organised very well. Visitors can orient themselves straight away and see whether they need to turn left or right. Secondly, the number of clients coming to our stand, the number of target group customers interested in our equipment is high. Every show means business contacts, but customer acquisition within the territory of Russia and CIS countries through AgroFarm is exactly the right measure for us, as people are starting to become aware that there is a show called AgroFarm – a must to visit every year – and this helps us not only to meet new customers, but also to strengthen relationships with existing clients. AgroFarm is a platform for talks and negotiations, as the territory for our business is CIS countries. As it is not so easy to gather clients from all over Russia, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and other CIS countries, this show enables us to engage those who would otherwise never come to us, never address us. But they are here, attending this show, and so we meet them. Judging by the development of AgroFarm, I can see that it is growing and attracting more and more visitors.
Dmitriy Kruskop, Director of Service Department, Agrovo Handelsgesellschaft mbH

It is a good and very comfortable building, with a good layout, arrangement of the stands, the entrance, exit, approach, transportation – this is regarding the structure. As far as service is concerned, the staff are friendly and very responsive to all our needs.
People from all over Russia come to AgroFarm, they are interested in starting a poultry farm, or just producing food for their own consumption or going into the poultry business, where incubation is very helpful, profit margins are very high provided the approach is right, you get good advice and the operation is well managed – this is a very profitable business, therefore we serve small and large farms from across Russia with turnovers ranging from 100,000 to millions or even hundreds of millions. 
We are happy to have received the AgroFarm award. It's great that your work is appreciated and that people pay attention.
Dmitriy Bosov, General Manager, Research and Production Association Stimul Ink

We have been attending the AgroFarm since 2008, and we have focused on exhibition visitors as our target audience. They largely include experts, engineers, company managers and owners.
The timing is right, you can visit the show before the sowing season starts.
Customers come basically from all Russian regions. We deal with people from Murmansk through Chechnya, Kaliningrad to Vladivostok – visitors from all over Russia look forward to visiting the exhibition. AgroFarm is a very interesting show for us because we can present our technology and equipment, showcase our equipment in action – the building and exhibition space, the hall make it all possible, we are not constrained by the conditions.
One of the key advantages of AgroFarm is a great number of workshops, events, specialized forums, presentations, that is the fairly detailed technical programme allows to do some good marketing work in order to find new custom and network with existing clients.
I would certainly recommend the show to those who haven't participated yet – you won't regret it.
Sergey Peregudov, General Manager, ООО Biokompleks

I took the decision to participate in this show with a view to working off the Russian market. This is not the first time we are taking part in a Moscow show, but the participation in AgroFarm here showed us different target visitors, another level of purchaser and customer – a very good show, I appreciate it highly.
The visitors’ geographical origin varies widely: Vologda, Volgograd, Ufa, Sverdlovsk etc.
The fact that our product won an award delighted me and our personnel, but is also significant for visitors. They see that our product is recognised and appreciated and they pay greater attention to it.
This show is attended by small, medium and large-sized companies. In fact, at the show people share experiences, discuss matters and meet other people. Now, in the 21st century, we have innovative, ground-breaking technologies, and they change, so it is very important to take part in the shows for communication and benchmarking.
Agricultural producers in general devote special attention to decisions and investments. They debate questions in their minds, checking that they have taken the right decisions and have received professional advice. Their future success depends on this. What I like very much here is that farmers come to our stand, assess our exhibits, ask about the product and how it works – this is the best thing. And of course the eyes of the visitors - they sparkle when I tell them about the economic effects resulting from the use of our product.  
Mikhail Nabok, Director, OOO Mobilnye kombikormovye zavody (Mobile feed mills factories)

We have a good track record of AgroFarm participation, that is why this is our third time. From the outset we enjoyed the organizational arrangements, the concept and the quality of customers.
AgroFarm has been helpful at many levels, this is also about our brand market presence and the fact that people from the industry have yet another chance to take notice. We are approached by end customers, dealers, integrators, other manufacturers; visitors come from across Russia, from regions with developed agricultural industries such as Siberia, the Krasnodar Territory, Pskov Region, etc., from the entire country.
Elena Yamshchikova,  Area Sales Manager, Vostermans Ventilation B.V.

We are a frequent exhibitor at AgroFarm. We show our equipment here. The show is attended by many representatives of poultry farms. They look at our new products, we get preliminary orders, sometimes we even make deals, right here at the show.   
Roman Chugaev, Sales Manager of Floor Equipment Department, ООО Pyatigorskselmash

We are taking part in AgroFarm already for the 9th time. The most attractive thing for us is that we find mutual understanding with our customers here, and suppliers of our components also come to the show, so that we can resolve any issues relating to deliveries here. Our customers are also used to seeing us here every year.
The location is very suitable, we feel very comfortable here.
Visitors come to AgroFarm from all parts of Russia – from Ural, Bashkiria, Tatarstan, Samara etc. We notice task-oriented delegations from various regions too.
We work not only with our final purchasers, but also with engineering companies developing animal farms. We help and advise them. Only professionals come to AgroFarm. In connection with project development, it is primarily engineers and implementers who come. In connection with purchases, it is managers and persons with decision-making responsibility for buying certain equipment who come to the show.
Anatoliy Fedyukovich, Board Chairman, ООО Intensivnye tekhnologii (Intensive technologies)

AgroFarm is our favourite show. We started our life as the National Association of Industrial Cattle Producers here. And already for three years now we have been participating very actively in this show. This is where we hold the annual meeting of our Association, and traditionally we are the only organisation showing bulls here. For this reason AgroFarm is like home for us, the place where we demonstrate a certain level of our common achievements. To be honest, this year has surprised us. Many farmers ready to invest on their own have visited us, as they have seen a perspective not from the viewpoint of import substitution, but from the standpoint of real necessity for their production in a strategic plan. This why we see a lot of visitors who are real owners of their farms, both small and medium-sized businesses.
For us, AgroFarm is also a professional platform for defining various key figures for the coming year. We use the opportunity not only to meet at a time convenient for all, in the comfortable hall, but also to examine professional equipment and see live demonstrations, as well as to be part of the technical programme, answering a set of questions regarding professional and operational matters. AgroFarm enables our farmers, the members of the Association and investors in animal husbandry, to resolve problems quickly, compactly, and – as the saying goes – around the table, at a single venue.
In my opinion the show is becoming exceptionally interesting for the manufacturers of various interesting technological innovations, of equipment facilitating the production of large volumes of perishable goods, in other words for increasing productivity through high quality of such production. Because now the time is ripe for innovative solutions, and farmers want to find that product that may not be cheap, but which enables them to save time and effort and to produce more.
Roman Kostyuk, Managing Director, National Association of Industrial Cattle Producers of Russia

We have been attending AgroFarm since its inception, we like it because of its quality visitors and organization. Our stand is visited by various people. These are mainly experts from rabbit farms and their managers, those who make or shape decisions in their companies.
We meet visitors from a variety of regions such as the Khabarovsk Territory, Vladivostok, Western Siberia and European Russia.
Participation in AgroFarm helps us quickly build up our customer base and increase our presence in the rabbit farming market.   
I think AgroFarm is a multipurpose show in that it has something to offer to small producers, larger farms and major agribusiness holdings.
I would advise attending first of all to small businesses like ours because it gets you started quickly and allows winning your market share. Besides, I would recommend participating in the technical programme, which also brings benefits for further business development.
Aleksandr Kuzin, Director, Independent Noncommercial Organisation  "Krolikovod" (Rabbit Breeder)

I am attending the show for a second time. The first time I was visiting as part of a delegation. I really liked it. So this year, I've come as an exhibitor to show the animals. The exhibition is very well organized -- the throughput and access procedures, unloading of animals, our location is excellent. What I find amazing is that they have a 24-hour veterinary service -- the organizers have thought about everything.
The show serves in the first place not just visitors coming as onlookers, it is primarily for farmers and animal breeders. And to those who haven't been here yet: this is great experience in all respects, from rabbits and microchips in ear tags to amazing equipment and transportation.
Sergey Ganin, head, ООО Agrotek

German Agricultural Society – DLG – in close collaboration with VDNH is co-organising the 9th edition of AgroFarm in 2015. DLG is neutral, independent and dedicated to spreading progress to farms. Our members, 30 thousand in Germany and all over the world, are future-oriented entrepreneurs. For DLG, an excellent opportunity for spreading progress is to organise internationally oriented shows like AgroFarm here in Moscow. 360 exhibitors from 29 countries are here at this exhibition to represent their companies and to discuss matters with visitors, to find the best solutions for their farms. The show is clearly structured between the sectors of dairy cows, pigs and poultry, and all the products along the value chain including breeding, nutrition and animal keeping will be shown at AgroFarm here in Moscow during these three days. We expect many thousands of visitors from all over Russia, but also from other countries visiting Moscow for the show.
Bernd Koch, General Manager, DLG International GmbH

I count the AgroFarm show as the best of the agricultural shows in Russia. I like this multifaceted and multifunctional show very much.
I very much like the various forums that take place here, because of the unique possibility they offer of discussing matters with other people, as well with the high-level individuals also attending the events. As regards the organization of the exhibition, I think it is well organized -- in terms of subject matter areas, its location and the way the forums are scheduled with no overlaps in time.
Anatoliy Shundeev, Chairman, SPK Koelginskoe, Chelyabinsk region, visitor

Having walked and looked around the show I had no regrets coming here. The exhibition has something to offer to small businesses as well as larger companies. I especially enjoyed a conference on investment projects and the way forward. Talking and listening to others at this forum you get some valuable lessons for yourself, you realize that you are not alone facing these challenges. We live in the countryside, we are involved in animal farming and will continue doing this because we are an agricultural country, this is our life.
Elena Demidova, Head of Peasant Farm Enterprise, Saratov region, visitor

We are attending AgroFarm for the first time. We are mainly interested in agricultural producers, poultry farms and key meat producers. We have found some suppliers. There are many interesting things and innovations here for farmers. They can find both producers and suppliers of feeds, veterinary products and many other interesting things, a great deal of interesting information. Everything is growing and developing now, you should visit the show without fail. You won't leave it empty-handed.
Nafis Mudarisov, General Manager, ООО Gastronorm, visitor

I came to AgroFarm for a definite purpose. Here I learn different things, meet and talk to people, and get advice. I think I will find some solutions to my questions with the aid of the show.
Evgeniy Istomin, farmer, Sverdlovsk region, visitor

Everything presented here is of some interest to us. This show targets primarily those involved in agriculture. They need to look at the progress made in the area of technology and equipment employed today at our best farms, our best companies. And they can figure out what practices they can learn from. My advice is: come, see, consult and search.
Vladimir Styazhkin, General Manager, ООО NTC Fermmash, visitor

We are not for the first time at the show, we are regular visitors, we may take part next year. We are a Russian producer, we seek new contacts and are talking to new partners.
Aleksandr Zaika, Technical Director, ООО MilkAgroSuzdal, visitor

We come every year to see agricultural market innovations, meet new producers and new products. I am an animal nutrition specialist, so I am mainly interested in feed supplements and fooder.
I have seen here many Russian producers of supplement feeds comparable to imported products that were not manufactured in the country before.
Aleksandr, Feeding Employee, visitor

I am for the first time at this show. I am very excited and, most importantly, have obtained lots of useful information. My overall impression is very positive. I've attended all round table discussions and conferences on pig farming and I feel confident that the nation is not just living and developing, but is trying very fast to close the gap and make up for the time lost in agriculture. I have been confirmed in some of my positions (meaning, I am on the right track), but some other views need to be changed. I would like to thank the organizers of the exhibition and wish them every success in further endeavours. I hope I will be able to come next year again.
Albina Becenko, visitor