Underground railway:

Take the underground railway to the station „ВДНХ“ (VDNH). From here it is an approx. 15 minute walk to the All-Russian Exhibition Centre (VVC Grounds).

By car:

Entrance: Use North 3 (Северный-3)  if you are arriving from the direction of Prodolny Proezd (Продольный проезд). Use entrance Khovansky (Хованский въезд) if you are arriving from the direction of ul. Khovanskaya (ул. Хованская). Car admission costs 300 roubles and is payable at the entrance.

Parking facilities:

Parking fees are charged in front of the North 1 (Северный-1) and North 2  (Северный-2) entrances.
Parking is free of charge in front of the main entrance
Parking is also free of charge in the exhibition grounds following payment of the car ad-mission fee.


Getting there