A strong alliance for a strong Show

An alliance has been formed between politics and trade associations that is supporting the preparations for and implementation of AgroFarm:



National Dairy Farmers Union „Soyuzmoloko“
National Pig Producers Union of Russia
Russian Poultry Union (Rosptitsesoyuz)
National Association of Industrial Cattle Producers of Russia
DLG e.V. - German Agricultural Society

Media Partners:

Main TV Partner
Public Television of Russia

Official Media Partners
Publishing house “Zhivotnovodstvo“ (Animal production)
Magazine "Novoe Selskoe Khozaistvo" (New Agriculuture)
Magazine "Tsenovik"

Media Partner of the technical programme
Mgazine "Agroinvestor"

Exclusive Media Partner
The DairyNews

Special Media Parter
Mazazine "Pererabotka moloka" (Milk processing)
Magazine "Prodovolstvennaya bezopasnost" (Food security)

General Internet Portal

Official Internet Partners
Media Group "Krestyanskie Vedomosti"