AgroFarm Awards

AgroFarm has established itself as the platform for Russia's professional animal husbandry sector. Awards particularly aimed at the Russian market will be conferred in the course of the exhibition. The award-winners are selected by an independent panel made up of Russian and international experts. Participation is free of charge.

Three kinds of awards can be won with immediate effect within the scope of the AgroFarm exhibition:

Best Product Award is given for those products that have the most positive impact on Russian livestock farms and those that increase competitiveness of animal production in Russia. Particular attention is paid to the relation between investment volume and economic benefits of these products. Winners 2017

Best Scientific Development Award is given for scientific developments that contain fundamentally new features and are distinguished by their uniqueness, innovativeness and suitability for putting into practice. Winners 2017

Best Service Award is given to companies and organisations that offer their customers in Russia particularly good service. Winners 2017