Bioevolutis™ - Biosecurity building by Cooperl Arc Atlantique

Recent severe disease outbreaks (ASF, FMD) with dramatic financial impact has forced the swine industry to evolve and invest in Biosecurity.

Cooperl, french no.1 in pig production with 6 millions pigs / year, has developed the BIOEVOLUTIS™ biosecurity building based on air filtration to protect its breeding capital (i.e. GGP/GP farms and AI center).

BIOEVOLUTIS™ is equipped with a flexible air filtration technology. BIOEVOLUTIS™ filtration system consists in capturing Bacteria and virus fixed on airborne particles. Thus, BIOEVOLUTIS™ positive air pressure system blows healthy air in the building.

BIOEVOLUTIS™ filtration system can easily evolve from a basic to a high grade level of filtration according to the environment sanitary situation and contamination risk.

Filtration capacity is sized according to the number of animals. BIOEVOLUTIS™ can integrate an air cooling and heating system according to the climate conditions.

There is no fan any more in pig room, replaced by BIOEVOLUTIS™ air turbines localized in a separated technical room. Security is improved and maintenance intervention is reduced.

Farms using BIOEVOLUTIS™ have decreased by 50% their veterinary expenses and mortality rate. FCR wean to finish is reduced by 0.2 in BIOEVOLUTIS™ farms vs conventional ventilation.

BIOEVOLUTIS™ secures your investment and long term profitability.
Pig breeding farm equipped with BIOEVOLUTIS™ (air filtration units in white)

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