Exhibitor List
"That is why it is interesting for customers – for farmers and for others, as they can see all the manufacturers at the same time and in the same place."
Jeroen Keijzer, General Director, OOO Lely Rus

Here you can view the Exhibition Guide 2017. It includes the exhibition grounds plan, floor plan, list of exhibitors, technical programme and others.


Exhibitor List 2017:

company hall stand country of origin
1001 tema ob agroprome (1001 topic about successful agriculture and food processing), online portal   remote participation Russia
A-Bio, OOO 75B K12 Russia
Abono, ООО 75B G11 Russia
ABS Russia 75A B44 Russia
ACO Funki Russia, OOO 75A C11 Denmark-Russia
Actualnye agrosistemy (Agroactual), magazine   remote participation Russia
ADEPTA - Association for the Development of International Exchanges of Agricultural and Agri-food Products and Technologies 75B J01 France
Afimilk Ltd. 75A C48 Israel
AG BAG Russland, OOO 75B G05 Germany-Russia
Agrarnaya Kuban, newspaper 75A A04 Russia
Agrarnaya Tema, magazine 75A A31 Russia
Agrarnie gazeti yuga i Kavkaza, newspaper 75A A04 Russia
Agrarnoe obozrenie (Agricultural review), magazine   remote participation Russia
Agrarnye izvestiya (Agricultural News), newspaper 75A A09 Russia
Agritech s.r.l. 75B K10 Italy
Agritubel S.A. 75A E42 France
Agroalliance, OOO 75A B51 Russia
Agrobusiness, magazine 75A C47 Russia
Agrobusiness: Economy-eqipment-technology, magazine 75B H27 Russia
AgroDay, portal 75A A06 Russia
Agroferma, OOO 75A C62 Russia
Agrofirm of Forage and Agriculture Products 75A A65 Russia
Agroindustrial portal of the south of Russia 75A L19 Russia
Agroinform, magazine   remote participation Russia
Agroinvestor, magazine 75B H33 Russia
Agroktima, OOO 75A A34 Russia
Agromarket, magazine   remote participation Russia
AgroMax rus 75B L10 Russia
Agromolservis, OOO 75A A44 Russia
Agromolzapchast, OOO 75A A67 Russia
Agropost, portal   remote participation Russia
AgroProfi, magazine 75B G15 Russia
AgroProjectInvest, OOO 75A B10 Russia
AgroSelkhozSoyuz, OOO 75A A19 Russia
AgroSistemPribor, OOO 75B J28 Russia
Agrosprom 75A F24 Russia
Agrota 2L-Kft. 75A F69 Hungary
Agrotechholod-Rus, OOO 75B H24 Russia
Agrotechnika i agrotechnologii (Agricultural technics and technologies), magazine 75B H33 Russia
AgroTek, OOO 75A B17 Russia
Agrotekhimport, AO 75A C58 Russia
Agrotekhmontazh, TD OOO 75A B08 Russia
Agroveles, OOO 75B G34 Russia
Agrovent-M, OOO 75A A23 Russia
Agrovetzaschita NVC, OOO 75B G08 Russia
AgroZhizn (AgroLife), international newspaper   remote participation Kazakhstan-Russia
Agrozona, OOO 75A B60 Latvia
Airis Gen, OOO 75A C23 Russia
Alfa Group, OOO, NPO 75B K23 Russia
All-Russian Research Institute of Animal Husbandry named after Academician L.K.Ernst, FGBNU 75B K31 Russia
All-Russian Research Institute of Veterinary Sanitation, Hygiene and Ecology, FGBNU 75B L30 Russia
All-Russian Scientific Research and Technology Institute for Poultry Industry, FGBNU, VNIITIP 75B L28 Russia
All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Fundamental and Applied Parasitology named after K.I. Skriabin 75B L31 Russia
All-Russian Veterinary Research Institute of Pathology, Pharmacology and Therapy, FGBNU, NII PATHOLOGY 75B L29 Russia
Alta Genetics Russia, OOO 75A C54 Canada-Russia
Alyans Stroy, OOO 75B J28 Russia
AMA +, OOO 75B K38 Russia
Angel Yeast Rus, OOO 75B J27 Russia
AnHui Yomo Machinery Technology Co., Ltd 75A A41 China
Ankar Imek, OOO 75A B14 Belarus
APK Expert, magazine 75A C49 Russia
APK Yug, magazine 75A A06 Russia
Ardes 75B J01 France
Arntjen Germany GmbH 75A E34 Germany
Arshin, OOO 75B G31 Russia
ASC Alliance, Group of Companies 75A C42 Russia
Aschar, association 75A B58 Russia
Astravet TD, OOO 75A C34 Russia
Atis SH, OOO 75A F79 Russia
AUMA e. V. (Association of the German Trade Fair Industry) 75A D28 Germany
Australian Rural Exports Pty Ltd (Austrex) 75A D49 Australia
Avedemil 75A F42 France
Avita Slawomir Rutz 75A B20 Poland
Avtopark No.1 Spetstrans, OOO 75A F30 Russia
Ayaz Kaucuk Plastik ve Kalip Makine San.ve Tic.Ltd.Sti 75A E49 Turkey
AZA International S.r.l. 75A D25 Italy
Baltagrosnab 75A D15 Russia
BATS 75B G18 Russia
BAUER Taganrog, OOO 75B J05 Austria-Russia
Bayern-Genetik GmbH 75A F33 Germany
Beef Farm, OOO 75A C43 Russia
Belgorodskij zavod technologicheskogo oborudovaniya "Luch", OOO 75A F40 Russia
Betagran Lipetsk, OOO 75B K24 Russia
Big Dutchman, OOO 75A D02 Germany-Russia
Biocom Technology, OOO 75A D54 Belarus
Biogrowing Co., LTD 75A C15 China
Biokompleks Engineering, OOO 75B G06 Russia
Bioret Agri 75A B72 France
Biotroph, OOO 75B L09 Russia
Biplast, OOO 75B K15 Russia
BMEL (Federal Ministry of of Food and Agriculture of Germany) 75A D28 Germany
BMT-Agro, OOO 75A C22 Russia
BO-IL INDUSTRIAL Co. Ltd. 75A F12 South Korea
BOUMATIC 75A A69 Belgium
Breeders of Denmark A/S 75A E15 Denmark
BROVAPHARMA Ltd. 75B K16 Ukraine
Burdanova L.N., LPKh 75A F10 Germany
BusinesMarket, OOO 75B H40 Russia
Busines-partner, magazine 75B J32 Russia
Business Guide, magazine 75A A33 Russia
BvL, Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG (BvL) 75A D48 Germany
Caisley International GmbH 75A E32 Germany
Calf-Tel - L.T. Hampel GmbH 75A F36 Germany
Capri Farm 75A F78 Russia
Cattle Portal   remote participation Russia
CCI France Russie   remote participation France-Russia
Centre for experimental embryology and reproductive biotechnologies, FGBNU 75B K30 Russia
CentrPlem, OOO 75A C65 Russia
Choice Genetics France SAS 75A F08 France
CID LINES NV 75A B53 Belgium
CK Industries 75B J01 France
Cobb Europe Ltd. 75A F06 Great Britain
Comman Group, ZAO 75A E08 Russia
Comtois International Export Inc. 75B L25 Canada
Conception Ro-Main Inc. 75A C08 Canada
Concrete Expert, OOO 75A F27 Russia
Consulting company "Dlya APK" 75B L01 Russia
Coopex Montbeliarde & Elexport SA 75B J01 France
Country, ZAO 75B H22 Russia
Craftray Kuntsevo TD, OOO 75B L02 Russia
Crazy Ferma 75A C25 Russia
CRD - Concept Rolland Developement 75B J01 France
CRV 75A A58 Netherlands
Cryotec, OOO 75B G09 Russia
DairyMaster 75A C42 Ireland
DairyTech, OOO 75A F39 Russia
Daniels Manufacturing Co. 75A E42 USA
DeLaval, ZAO 75A A77 Sweden-Russia
Delovoj Krestianin, newspaper 75B L18 Russia
DIA-M, OOO 75B G24 Russia
Difco International BV 75A D36 Netherlands
DLG e. V.   remote participation Germany
DRAMINISKI S.A. 75B H22 Poland
ECO Ferma Klimovskaya, OOO 75A E15 Russia
Ecoagrokomp, OOO 75B G27 Russia
EcoMaks, OOO 75B J36 Russia
ECOservice Neftegaz, OOO 75A F16 Russia
Ecotechproject, OOO 75B H10 Russia
Effektivnoe zhivotnovodstvo (Effective Animal Breeding), magazine 75B L19 Russia
EkoNiva – APK Holding, OOO 75A B35 Russia
Ekopolimeri, OOO 75A E60 Russia
Ekspert.Zhivotnovodstvo.Ptizevodstvo, magazine 75A C49 Russia
Embassy of the United States of America / U.S. Department of Agriculture Agricultural Trade Office 75A B57 USA
Enterprise Ireland 75A C46 Ireland
Eurofins Agro Testing b.v. 75A B31 Russia
EuroGen, OOO 75A A03 Russia
Euro-P Kleindienst GmbH 75A D31 Germany
Eurosilos Sirp s.r.l 75B J16 Italy
Evolution International 75B J01 France
Evoteck s.r.l. 75A E14 Italy
Evropribor, OOO 75A B71 Russia
Exbuild, OOO 75B G29 Belarus
EXE.CTLY - Recruting Company 75B L01 Russia
Farm Craft 75A D07 Russia
Fermer.ru 75A A74 Russia
Fisheries Industry fischinfo.ru, online portal   remote participation Russia
Fliegl Agrartechnik Rus, OOO 75B H06 Germany-Russia
Fog Agroteknik Vostok, OOO 75A C16 Denmark-Russia
Franz Eisele & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG 75A E35 Germany
Galactea - Milk Coolers & Spare Parts 75B J01 France
Gallagher Animal Management Systems 75A E42 USA
Garant, OOO 75A D60 Russia
GEA Farm Technologies Rus, OOO 75A D61 Germany-Russia
Geliymash, NPO, OAO 75A F21 Russia
Genetika PIC, OOO 75A B22 Great Britain-Russia
Genofond, OOO 75A F05 Germany
Genoservis-Rusko, OOO 75A A55 Czech Republic-Russia
Gerkules, OOO 75B G30 Russia
German Seed Alliance GmbH 75A F29 Germany
Glavnyj agronom, magazine 75B H27 Russia
Glavnyj zootechnik, magazine 75B H27 Russia
Go Green 75A E42 Russia
Golovnoi tsentr po vosproizvodstvu s-h. zhivotnyh, OAO (Lead Center for Farm Animal Reproduction) 75A A29 Russia
GomelAgroKomplekt TD, ZAO 75A B27 Belarus
Guilbert Express 75B L12 France
Gummiwerk KRAIBURG Elastik GmbH & Co. KG 75A E42 Germany
Haller Livestock AG 75A A71 Germany
Hartmann, OOO 75A D09 Germany-Russia
HATKO Kaucuk A.S. 75A F57 Turkey
HEINIGER AG 75B J28 Switzerland
Hellmann Poultry GmbH & Co. KG 75A E07 Germany
Hermitage Genetics 75A C23 Ireland
Hi-Tech Agro, OOO 75A B34 Russia
Holm & Laue GmbH & Co. KG 75A E42 Germany
Holodcatalog.ru, portal   remote participation Russia
Holstein Association, NKO 75A A63 Russia
HSI Kunststofftechnik GmbH 75A E38 Germany
Huesker Synthetic GmbH 75A C27 Germany-Russia
Hunland Trade Kft. 75A A53 Hungary
Hycole 75B J01 France
ID GROUP 75A A70 France
Igloos, OOO 75A E42 Russia
Igo-na, OOO 75B G27 Russia
IMV-Technologies 75B J19 France
Industrialnie shkafi, OOO 75A D07 Russia
Informsfera, OOO 75B H25 Russia
INNOVAZII I BIZNES V APK, magazine 75A A43 Russia
Institute for Engineering and Environmental problems in Agricultural Production, FGBNU 75B K28 Russia
Intelligent Business-Management-Systems, OOO 75B J23 Russia
Intensivnye technologii, OOO 75A E18 Russia
InterHeat Inc. 75A E03 South Korea
InterHimmet, OOO 75B K01 Russia
International Genetics Rus, OOO 75A A58 Russia
Invet, ОAO 75B J30 Belarus
Ireland 75A C46 Ireland
Irtysh PO, AO 75A F09 Russia
Isbir Sünger Sanayi A.S. Mekik Muteahhitlik 75A F52 Turkey
Iskadaz, OOO 75A F26 Russia
Iskozh, OAO, Kirov Region 75A A60 Russia
Job Market 75B L01 Germany-Russia
Jourdain S.A.S. 75B J01 France
Jyga Technologies Inc. 75A C08 Canada
KALETER Zhucheng Zhongyu mechanical and electrical equipment Co., Ltd. 75A A05 China
Kapital-Prok, ОАО 75B J14 Russia
Keenan 75A C46 Ireland
Kerbl East Sp. z o.o. 75A A18 Austria-Poland
Kirichenko, KFKh 75A E71 Russia
Klever, AO 75B K03 Russia
Kolnag, ZAO 75A E54 Russia
Kombikorma (Mixed feed), magazine 75B L07 Russia
Kormatek, OOO 75A C09 Russia
Kormlenie selskohozyajstvennyh zhivotnyh, magazine 75B H27 Russia
Kormoproizvodstvo, magazine 75B L13 Russia
Krestianin, publishing house (Rostov on Don) 75B L18 Russia
Krestyanskie vedomosti, magazine 75A A59 Russia
Krolikovod, ANO 75A F07 Russia
Krolikovodstvo i zverovodstvo (Rabbit and animal breeding), magazine   remote participation Russia
Kto est kto na myasnom rynke Rossii (Who is Who on the Russian Meat Market), magazine 75A A12 Russia
KUHN Vostok, OOO 75A B36 France-Russia
Kunlong International Co., Ltd. 75A F01 China
LA BUVETTE S.A.S 75B J01 France
La Meccanica s.r.l. di Reffo 75A E42 Italy
Labs, TD 75A A79 Russia
Lafeed, OOO 75B G22 Russia
LAMMERS Formen- und Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG 75A F27 Germany
Leipziger Messe International GmbH 75A D28 Germany
Lely Rus, OOO 75A D42 Netherlands-Russia
LESINTECH, Lesnye Innovatsionnye Tehnologii, OOO 75B K22 Russia
Liliani, OOO 75B K04 Russia
Lir Agri 75A C46 Ireland
LoGus, OOO 75A B61 Russia
Lotmedika, OOO 75B G13 Russia
Madero Dairy Systems 75A E55 USA
Mastek 75A C46 Ireland
Masterrind GmbH 75A E29 Germany
Meat technology, magazine   remote participation Russia
meatcatalog.ru   remote participation Russia
Meatmaker , Newspeaper 75A A12 Russia
Meat-portal 75A A45 Russia
Meneghin s.r.l. 75A A27 Italy
Microbiosintez, OOO 75A A40 Russia
Milk Union National Dairy Producers Union   remote participation Russia
Milkline s.r.l. 75A E76 Italy
MILKPLAN S.A. 75A B70 Greece
Milkrite I InterPuls S. p. A. 75A B75 Italy
MINITÜB GmbH 75A D34 Germany
Minsk plant Termoplast, OAO 75A A08 Belarus
MIRACO Livestock Water Systems 75A E42 USA
MK Genetika, OOO 75A C64 Russia
Modern agriculture, magazine 75B H27 Russia
Molochnaya Industriya, OOO 75A A73 Russia
Molochnoe i myasnoe skotovodstvo (Beef and dairy cattle breeding), magazine 75A A78 Russia
MontazhAgro, OOO 75B H35 Russia
Moocall 75A C46 Ireland
Moscow State Academy of Veterinary Medicine and Biotechnology named after K. I. Skryabin, FGBNU 75B L23 Russia
Moskovskoe po plemennoi rabote, ОАО (State breeding company Moskovskoe) 75A B42 Russia
MPT Plastik, OOO 75B G07 Russia
My Sibir, magazine 75A A75 Russia
Myasnaya sfera (Meat Sphere), magazine   remote participation Russia
Nanchang Howard Electric 75A B30 China
National Cattlemen's Beef Association 75A F75 Russia
National Pig Producers Union 75A F02 Russia
Newagri Group, OOO 75B G23 Russia
NIIPZK, FGBNU 75B L27 Russia
Nita-Farm, OOO 75B L15 Russia
Nivy of Russia , magazine   remote participation Russia
Novagrotek 75A C61 Russia
Novoe selskoe khozyaistvo (New Agriculture), Magazine 75A A66 Russia
Novye Agrarnye Tekhnologii, OOO 75A F76 Russia
OLMIX S.A. 75B G01 France
Öncel Milking System 75A F48 Turkey
OWEN, OOO 75B J12 Russia
Packo Inox NV 75A B62 Belgium
Pankrol Yug, OOO 75A C21 Russia
Panorama, publishing house 75B H27 Russia
Penta, OOO 75A D77 Canada-Russia
Pererabotka moloka (Milk Processing), magazine   remote participation Russia
Perfect Agriculture, magazine 75A A20 Russia
Perimetr PK, OOO 75B H38 Russia
Peymak Gida Ve Süt end Mak San 75A C40 Turkey
piginfo.ru   remote participation Russia
Plinor RC, OOO 75A A72 Russia
POLnet Sp. z o.o. i Wspólnicy S.K. 75A B11 Poland
Polyefir-Agro 75A A68 Belarus
Porc-ex, OOO 75A B13 Denmark-Russia
POTOK, OOO (engineering plant) 75B J13 Russia
Poultry Portal   remote participation Russia
Povolzhie Agro, magazine 75B L20 Russia
Precheza a.s. 75B J20 Czech Republic
Predsedatel, magazine   remote participation Russia
Priefert Manufacturing 75A E42 USA
Prodovolstvennyj rynok APK, magazine 75A A11 Russia
Profimol, OOO 75A A62 Russia
Profpressa, publishing house 75B L19 Russia
Promtechnika-Privolzhye, OOO 75A B16 Russia
PromTekhEnergo, NPC 75A F61 Russia
Prosagri S.r.l. 75A E20 Italy
Provet, OOO 75B J29 Russia
PSK RUSMI 75B H31 Russia
Pticeprom, magazine   remote participation Russia
Ptitsa i ptitseprodukty (Poultry and poultry products), magazine 75A A21 Russia
Qingdao Deba Brother Machinery Co., Ltd. 75A A16 China
Qingdao Huabo International Trade Co., Ltd. 75B J17 China
Ramon Agro, OOO 75B L25 Russia
Rieckermann Services Limited 75B G26 Russia
RIONA CMG Ltd 75A F49 Belarus
Romax, OOO 75B G14 Russia
Ronar Rus, OOO 75A D36 Netherlands-Russia
Rosensteiner GmbH 75A E42 Austria
Rosinformagrotech, FGBNU 75B L14 Russia
Rotecna S.A. 75A A02 Spain
Rotosnab, OOO 75A F28 Russia
Russian Food Portal 75A L19 Russia
Russian Poultry Union (Rosptitsesoyuz) 75A F04 Russia
Rusticus e.K. 75B L01 Germany
Rynok APK (APK Market), magazine 75B H25 Russia
S. A. Christensen & Co. RUS 75A D55 Denmark-Russia
Samco 75A C46 Ireland
Samson Agro A/S 75B K07 Denmark
Scanova A/S 75B L26 Denmark
Schauer Agrotronic, OOO 75A C10 Russia
SCR Engineers Ltd. 75A E52 Israel
SD Group 75A C49 Russia
SelkhozLider, OOO 75B K27 Russia
Selkhozproekt, NTC, OOO 75B J13 Russia
Selskohozyajstvennie vesti, magazine 75A A76 Russia
Semex-Russia, OOO 75A A35 Canada-Russia
Sfera, publishing house   remote participation Russia
Sfoggiatech, OOO 75A C71 Italy-Russia
Shanghai Terrui International Trade Co., Ltd. 75A B25 China
Shantou Institute of Ultrasonic Instruments Co., Ltd. (SIUI) 75B K26 China
Sheremetievskiy kolkhos, LPKh 75A F18 Russia
SILOKING - Mayer Maschinenbaugesellschaft mbH 75A D37 Germany
SISTEMY UOKT, OOO 75A A80 Belarus-Russia
SKFO Agro, newspeaper 75A A04 Russia
Skiold A/S 75A C20 Denmark
SKOV A/S 75A D21 Denmark
Smartbow GmbH 75A B39 Austria
Sommet de L'Elevage 75B J01 France
Sonoscape, OOO 75B K29 Russia
Sovremennyi Fermer (Modern Farmer), magazine   remote participation Russia
Sozidanie TD, ООО 75A C36 Russia
Spaggiari Industria Gomma s.r.l. 75A E21 Italy
Spetsprocat. OOO 75A B64 Russia
Spetssintez NPO, OOO 75B H20 Russia
SPK Mezhregionalnyi tsentr 75A F79 Russia
Stallkamp - Erich Stallkamp ESTA GmbH 75A D32 Germany
Starmax Tarim Makinalari San.ve. Tic. A.S. 75A F45 Turkey
Stimul-Ink, OOO 75A D18 Russia
STL / Bakdazhova Irina, IP 75B G33 Russia
Suevia Haiges GmbH 75A E42 Germany
Svetich, agrarian media holding   remote participation Russia
Svinovodstvo (Pig Production), magazine 75A A07 Russia
Symmetron Electronic Components TD, OOO 75A C69 Russia
Tai'an Yimeite Machinery Co., Ltd. 75A A10 China
Technika i oborudovanie dlya sela (Machinery and equipment for rural area), magazine 75B L16 Russia
Technoport 75A F54 Russia
Tecno Poultry Equipment S.p.A. 75A D03 Italy
TentMax, OOO 75B K14 Russia
TEXHA, OOO 75A D01 Russia
The Dairy News 75B G35 Russia
Thomas Schoppe Livestock GmbH & Co. KG 75A F35 Germany
TIMOFEEV+), OOO 75A F71 Russia
Topigs CIS, OOO 75A C17 Netherlands-Russia
Topix Agro, OOO 75A D35 Belarus-Russia
Transfair, OOO 75A F63 Russia
Travira Agro, ООО 75A A01 Russia
Trud.com   remote participation Russia
Tschelkovo-Agrohim, ZAO 75B K24 Russia
Tsenovik, magazine 75B J32 Russia
Tver State Agricultural Academy, FGBOU 75B L24 Russia
U.S. Livestock Genetics Export Inc. 75A C60 USA
Unifeed, OOO 75A B62 Russia
Uniovent, OOO 75A F13 Russia
Uralbiovet, ZAO 75B H29 Russia
Urban GmbH & Co. KG 75A D38 Germany
Uspech-Torg, OOO 75B J34 Russia
UV Milk, OOO 75A B63 Russia
VAEX BV 75A E61 Netherlands
Vega, OOO 75A F59 Russia
Venera-Vet, OOO 75B G20 Russia
VERDERIO s.r.l 75A A27 Italy
Veterinaria selskohozyaestvennich zhivotnich, magazine 75B H27 Russia
VetPharma Farm Animals, magazine 75A A30 Russia
ViKei Pro, OOO 75A A61 Russia
VIM, Federal scientific agricultural engineering centre, FGBNU 75B L32 Russia
VipEko, OOO 75B H26 Russia
Vitasol, ZAO 75B G28 Russia
Vortex, PK 75A B46 Russia
Wacker Neuson, OOO 75A D27 Russia
WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH 75A E25 Germany
Weidemann GmbH 75A D27 Germany
Wilhelm Stoll Maschinenfabrik GmbH 75A D23 Germany
WolfSystem GmbH 75A E23 Germany
Woodford Manufacturing Company 75A E42 USA
Woodstock Kft 75A F69 Hungary
YarVet, OOO 75B K11 Russia
Zavod Santex, OOO 75A A80 Belarus-Russia
Zelenоgradskoe, ZAO 75A E74 Russia
Zemlya i zhizn, Publishing house   remote participation Russia
Zhivotnovodstvo Rossii, magazine 75A A13 Russia
Zhivotnovodstvo Yuga Rossii, magazine 75A A14 Russia
Zibo LuJin machinery factory 75A A36 China
Zibo ShengYan Animal 75A A15 China
Zibo Yuejiang Machinery Co., Ltd. 75A B04 China
Zimmermann Stalltechnik GmbH 75A C31 Germany
Zuchtvieh-Export GmbH (ZVE) 75A E36 Germany