Exhibitor List
"That is why it is interesting for customers – for farmers and for others, as they can see all the manufacturers at the same time and in the same place."
Jeroen Keijzer, General Director, OOO Lely Rus

Exhibitor List 2019

Сompany Сountry of origin
A-Bio, OOO Russia
ACO Funki Russia, OOO Denmark-Russia
ADEPTA - Association for the Development of International Exchanges of Agricultural and Agri-food Products and Technologies France
Afimilk Ltd. Israel
Agri-Plastics Ireland
Agritech s.r.l. Italy
Agroalliance, OOO Russia
Agroferma, OOO Russia
Agromolzapchast, OOO Russia
Agropolihim, OOO Belarus
AgroProjectInvest, OOO Russia
Agrostar, OOO Russia-Ireland
Agrota 2L-Kft. Hungary
Agrotekhimport, AO Russia
Agrotekhmontazh, TD OOO Russia
Agroveles, OOO Russia
Allflex-SCR Vostok,OOO Belarus
All-Russian Scientific Research and Technology Institute for Poultry Industry, FNC RAN, VNIITIP Russia
Alta Genetics Russia, OOO Canada-Russia
AMA +, OOO Russia
Angri+, OOO Russia
Arntjen Germany GmbH Germany
ASC Alliance, Group of Companies Russia
Aschar, association Russia
Ayaz Kaucuk Plastik ve Kalip Makine San.ve Tic.Ltd.Sti Turkey
Bauer Group Austria-Russia
Betagran Lipetsk, OOO Russia
Biocom Technology, OOO Belarus
Biokompleks Engineering, OOO Russia
Bioret Agri France
Biotrof, OOO Russia
Biovet Russia
BMEL (Federal Ministry of of Food and Agriculture of Germany) Germany
BvL, Bernard van Lengerich Maschinenfabrik GmbH & Co.KG (BvL) Germany
Caisley International GmbH Germany
Calf-Tel - L.T. Hampel GmbH Germany
CentrPlem, OOO Russia
CFF GmbH Germany
CleanAgent, OOO Russia
Cogent Rus, OOO Russia
Country, OOO Russia
DeLaval, ZAO Sweden-Russia
Detro Healthcare Kimya Sanayi A.S. Turkey
Dingzhou Chen's Veterinary Medicine Co.Ltd. China
EkoNiva – APK Holding, OOO Russia
EuroGen, OOO Russia
Eurosilos Sirp s.r.l Italy
Evropribor Group, OOO Russia
FeedConsult, OOO Russia
Fog Agroteknik Vostok, OOO Denmark-Russia
Fransagro, OOO Russia
Franz Eisele & Söhne GmbH & Co. KG Germany
GEA Farm Technologies Rus, OOO Germany-Russia
Geliymash, NPO, OAO Russia
Genetika PIC, OOO Great Britain-Russia
Genoservis-Rusko, OOO Czech Republic-Russia
GomelAgroKomplekt TD, OAO Belarus
Gongadze, IP Russia
Guilbert Express France
Hartmann LA GmbH / Hartmann, OOO Germany-Russia
Holm & Laue GmbH & Co. KG Germany
Holstein Association, NKO Russia
HS-Agro Germany-Russia
Hunland Trade Kft. Hungary
Igloos, OOO Russia
Innovations and technologies in livestock farming, OOO Russia
InnoVet, OOO Russia
Intensivnye technologii, OOO Russia
Iskozh, OAO, Kirov Region Russia
JK Light Co. South Korea
Kaiksin medical rus, OOO Russia
Kapital-Prok, ОАО Russia
Keenan Ireland
KEMIN INDUSTRIES, Inc Belgium-Russia
Kolnag, ZAO Russia
Krol & K, OOO Russia
Lallemand yeast, OOO Canada-Russia
Lely Rus, OOO Netherlands-Russia
LoGus, OOO Russia
Madero Equipos de Ordeno S.A. de C.V. Mexico
Maisadour Semans Kuban, OOO Russia
MegaMix, Group of companies Russia
Milkline s.r.l. Italy
Milkrite I InterPuls S. p. A. Great Britain-Italy
MK Genetika, OOO Russia
Molochnaya Industriya, OOO (Milk Industry) Russia
MontazhAgro, OOO Russia
MPT Plastik, OOO Russia
Mustang Tekhnologii Kormleniya, OOO Russia
Neohim, OOO Russia
Nita-Farm, OOO Russia
Novagrotek Russia
Nutriservice SRL Italy
Olmix, OOO France-Russia
Öncel Milking System Turkey
Plempredpriyatie Vologodskoe, OAO Russia
Plinor RC, OOO Russia
Polipleks, OOO Russia
Porc-ex, OOO Denmark-Russia
POTOK, OOO (engineering plant) Russia
Profitmilk, OOO Russia
PromTekhEnergo, NPC Russia
Provet, OOO Russia
PT. Supranusa Indogita Indonesia
Ptprom, OOO Russia
Rijay Group Russia
RIK Logistic, OOO Russia
Ronar Rus, OOO Netherlands-Russia
ROTA GUIDO s.r.l. Italy
Rotecna S.A. Spain
RusAgroSistema, OOO Russia
S. A. Christensen & Co. RUS Denmark-Russia
Scanova A/S Denmark
Schauer Agrotronic, OOO Austria-Russia
Semex-Russia, OOO Canada-Russia
Severnyi Drakon, OOO Russia
Sfoggiatech, OOO Italy-Russia
SILOKING - Mayer Maschinenbaugesellschaft mbH Germany
Siloking Rus Germany-Russia
SIPERT(QINGDAO) Livestock Equioment Co.,Ltd. China
SKOV A/S Denmark
Smart Agro Solutions, OOO Russia
Spaggiari Industria Gomma s.r.l. Italy
STS, OOO Russia
Tai'an Yimeite Machinery Co., Ltd. China
Technoport, OOO Russia
TERRUS, OOO China-Russia
Topigs CIS, OOO Netherlands-Russia
Total dairy management Italy
Transfair-Agrokhimia, OOO Russia
U.S. Livestock Genetics Export Inc. USA
UV Milk, OOO Russia
VAEX BV Netherlands
Valandis, OOO Russia
Valli Russia
Venera-Vet, OOO Russia
Vitasol, AO Russia
Vortex PK, OOO Russia
Vostermans Ventilation B.V. Netherlands
WallGreen Russia
WAM-Moskva, OOO Russia
WEDA Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH Germany
Weidemann GmbH Germany
Wolf System GmbH Germany
Woodstock Kft Hungary
YarVet, OOO Russia
YUK, OOO Russia
Yuyao Yuhai Livestock Machinery Technology Co. Ltd. China
Zavod Moichenkova, OOO Russia
Zinpro International, OOO Russia