For Visitors
"I see a high level of visitor quality here: Many people who know what they have to do. People who need to do something, something concrete."
Daniele Pedercini, General Manager, Evoteck SRL

"Customer acquisition through AgroFarm is exactly the right measure for us, as people are starting to become aware that there is a show called AgroFarm – a must to visit every year – and this helps us not only to meet new customers, but also to strengthen relationships with existing clients."
Dmitriy Kruskop, Director of Service Department, Agrovo Handelsgesellschaft mbH

Welcome to AgroFarm – The Meeting Place for Livestock Professionals in Russia!

If it is important for you to have contacts on the Russian market, then AgroFarm is the place for you. Here international visitors are not only able to establish valuable contacts, they can see first-hand how Russia’s agricultural market is evolving. AgroFarm offers you the opportunity to gather information and contacts – and opportunities like this are not easy to come by!

AgroFarm has evolved into the major event in Russia for the world’s leading livestock farmers. The exhibition’s national and international status attracts a great many Russian decision-makers along with a large number of extremely highly qualified foreign specialists. AgroFarm’s target group includes investors, managers and professionals from large-scale farming enterprises, independent farmers and delegates from the trade, banking, finance and insurance sectors, as well as from consulting and leasing companies. 

AgroFarm also offers some innovative solutions to contemporary animal husbandry and feed production. The specialist forums and conferences provide professional associations from around the globe with a presentation and discussion forum on which to showcase the latest livestock management issues.

And, not least, AgroFarm gives you a unique opportunity to meet key business partners from Russia and many other countries.