Winners of AgroFarm 2013 Awards

Every year, in the run-up to the AgroFarm international exhibition for animal husbandry and animal breeding, exhibitors compete to win three types of awards for the best product, best service and best scientific development. This year, 35 applications were submitted, of which 13 winners were selected by an expert panel. Evaluation and nomination of the winners was done by independent experts with an impressive track record in the animal farming.
The Best Product Award was given to 9 products developed for pig, poultry, cattle and fur farming. Most of them are high-tech products that are very relevant to the Russian market.

As pig farms get bigger and animal populations grow, efficient farm management becomes increasingly important. The awards panel thought very highly of FarmManager 1.0, a management and monitoring system for pig farms by Schauer Agrotronic GmbH. The online software monitors all necessary systems such as feed and water consumption, controlled environments, animal movements, equipment status and operations. In case of problems, operator is notified by e-mail or a text message. Data on feeding ventilation etc. are permanently stored in the central data base, which is very convenient for further analysis and decision making.

To simplify the selection of fattening pigs with optimum weight and identify the pig population weight for further sorting with account taken of various forage recipes, Hölscher + Leuschner GmbH & Co. KG developed optiSCAN, a unique mobile weighing system for fattening pigs using a 3D camera. The device is hand-held, and due to its mobility it can be used for weighing large numbers of animals and in pig farming complexes where installation of weighing and sorting equipment is not feasible.
Recent outbreaks of severe diseases (African swine fever, porcine reproductive and respiratory syndrome, foot and mouth disease) have forced the pig farming industry to evolve and invest in biosecurity. Cooperl Arc Atlantique, France’s no.1 company in pig production with 6 million pigs a year, has developed BIOEVOLUTIS™ -- a biosecurity building based on air filtration to protect its breeding capital. The building is equipped with a flexible air filtration technology which can capture bacteria and viruses fixed on airborne particles in addition to tree leaves and sand. The technology provides animals with healthy and clean air, thus reducing veterinary expenses and substantially lowering mortality rates especially in contagion risk areas.

A desire to enhance animal farm performance through automation and improve quality has been the driving force behind a number of interesting products in the poultry industry.

Rotem Control and Management has developed Platinum Junior XL, a new automated system for poultry house control and management. The system is very effective in providing optimum climate control. The equipment operates in two modes, allows monitoring the air cooling process and fine-tuning the chicken house airflow with minimum ventilation. Besides, it can be used to regulate and control other processes such as feeding, drinking, weighing, etc.
The cage equipment with an automatic move-out system for broiler farming developed by TEXHA PA LLC combines the benefits of cage and floor growing. The advantages of the product include: reducing labor costs through automated unloading equipment, reducing bird injuries by eliminating the human factor in the process of broiler unloading and a constant broiler unloading speed.

Another highly relevant solution, this time in the area of reproduction, is offered by AndroVision, an automated system for computer-assisted semen analysis, developed by Minitüb GmbH. The system performs a fast and accurate analysis of the concentration, motility, as well as integrity and viability of sperm cells. The software can be integrated into the semen processing line in the laboratory and semen analysis reports can be generated digitally or as a printout.
As livestock populations grow, profitable and efficient application of equipment that can be used in cramped old buildings as well as in new facilities is key to a successful and well performing cattle farm. SILOKING SelfLine Premium 18, a self-propelled feed mixer developed by Mayer Maschinenbaugesellschaft mbH, allows one person to feed the herd comfortably and quickly from one driver’s seat. The innovative advantage of SILOKING SelfLine Premium 18 lies in its unique maneuverability unrivalled by machines of this size (it requires a turning radius of only 6.4 m) and its edged mixing hopper with a new FlowPlus hopper ring at the upper end.

Young calves feeding is an important challenge in cattle farming. Quick access to high quality colostrum after birth is essential for fully tapping young calves’ genetic potential. coloQUICK, an innovative colostrum management system of Holm & Laue GmbH & Co. KG, marketed in Russia by OOO IGLOOS, allows managing colostrum quality under any conditions: easy and quick colostrum checking and freezing, optimum de-freezing temperature and speed, convenient feeding through rubber teats or feeding tubes. These benefits result in healthier calves, higher survival and productivity rates. This is a pioneering product in Russia.

Another winner is a product essential for improving animal farm hygiene and sanitary conditions. VIROCID, a polycomposite foam-forming disinfectant manufactured by CID LINES N.V. and marketed in Russia by OOO RABOS Intl., is a powerful disinfectant against all known types of microorganisms (including their spore forms) such as bacteria, viruses, fungi and algae.

Best Scientific Development awards were given to two contenders. One of the winners is the State Research Institution the All-Russian Scientific Research and Technology Institute for Poultry Industry at the Russian Agricultural Academy in cooperation with OOO Tekhnosvet Group. Their project – a new LED lighting system for poultry farming – includes a lighting control system with automatic and manual on/off switching with sunrise and sunset imitation modes, LED lights with a specified emission wavelength, and new methods of lighting for floor-reared and cage-reared replacement flock.

The second award in this category was given for a project aiming to increase mink productivity through the use of  taurin metamodulator developed by the State Research Institution the V.A. Afanasyev Scientific Research Institute for Breeding of Fur Bearing Animals and Rabbits at the Russian Agricultural Academy. The development provides for optimum dosage of synthetic taurin in mink feed. In the Russian market, the use of taurin in mink feeding allows achieving significant economic benefits without incurring additional labor costs.
Two companies were also named in the Best Service Awards category. OOO IGLOOS was recognized for after sales services for milk taxies manufactured by Holm & Laue GmbH & Co. KG. The service package includes operation-related customer support, repairs, maintenance, as well as delivery of spare parts or new equipment.

PA TEXHA LLC got the best service award for ensuring a trouble-free operation of cage equipment. The PA TEXHA Customer Service provides such services as work on soldering plastic tape, compulsory training of staff during start-up, carrying out all types of repairs, equipment diagnostics, spare parts supply, etc., thereby saving customers a great deal of trouble that may be caused by the operation of the equipment.

All the companies and products will be presented at AgroFarm, which will take place 5-7 February 2013, in Moscow, VVC, Hall 75
The awards ceremony will be conducted on February 5, in Hall 75