AgroFarm 2012 featuring 270 exhibitors from 23 countries
"AgroFarm is a very important event for Russia. We want to cooperate with foreign companies, to develop our own production. The most important fact is that despite the difficult situation, practically all renowned manufacturers came to the show. I am quite sure that they found their customers, consumers and partners here to increase their exports to Russia."
Sergey Lisovskiy, Senior Vice-president of Council of the Federation Committee for Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management

AgroFarm 2012 featuring 270 exhibitors from 23 countries

From 7 to 9 February 2012 in Moscow – Russia’s leading trade exhibition for modern animal husbandry and breeding continues to grow – more than 40 side events

Registration figures for the leading trade exhibition for modern animal husbandry and breeding in Russia, AgroFarm, are looking very good. From 7 to 9 February 2012, some 270 exhibitors from 23 countries, including numerous top international corporate players, will come together at the Moscow-based VVC site (All-Russian Exhibition Centre (AREC)) to showcase today’s latest technologies and procedures along with modern genetics for the cattle, pig, poultry, goat and sheep sectors. As these figures show, the exhibition is thus continuing to grow. Indeed, the number of exhibitors has increased by 20 over last year’s event. And AgroFarm has become even more international too, with 23 countries set to take part in comparison with 17 in 2011. The strongest foreign contingents are from Germany, Denmark, USA, France and the Netherlands. AgroFarm is organised by DLG International GmbH, a subsidiary of DLG (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft / German Agricultural Society), and ZAO ‘MVK VVC’. The event is officially supported by the Russian Federation’s Ministry of Agriculture. The exhibition partners include National Dairy Farmers Union (Soyuzmoloko), National Pig Producers Union of Russia, Russian Poultry Union (Rosptitsesoyuz) and National Cattlemen's Beef Association of Russia.

New: Information Centre ‘Preventing mycotoxicoses’    
In addition to the excellent range of products and services showcased by the exhibitors, AgroFarm 2012 offers an information centre and Specials on a range of topical issues. The information centre ‘Preventing mycotoxicoses in livestock and poultry’ will look at the latest technologies and preventive strategies in the field of feed production and feed storage. Furthermore, visitors can find out more about products that can reduce the impact the pathogens have on the animal organism. They can also learn more about techniques for determining the mycotoxin content in feed.
The Special on ‘Integrated Farm Management’ focuses on modern management concepts for cattle farming. This event looks at the entire production chain from milking through to matters of profitability and presents integrated decision-making instruments and automated systems. The Special ‘Russian science in livestock farming’ will be repeated this year, too, giving leading research institutes a forum on which to present their latest research findings.

This year AgroFarm’s technical programme will consist of more than 40 conferences, seminars and discussions on the major issues surrounding Russian animal farming, including the specialist forum to be held at 11 a.m. on 7 February 2012 which will ask how we should go about ‘generating an attractive investment climate for animal husbandry, with a view to modernisation.’ Key figures from the Agriculture Ministry, representatives of the veterinary services and plant-health inspectorate will be attending, along with representatives of associations, leading companies and banks.

The live demonstrations on hoof and udder care again promise to be a top attraction for Russian cattle farmers.