AgroFarm 2012 - what can exhibitors and visitors expect?

Russia’s leading international exhibition for animal husbandry will take place at the All-Russia Exhibition Centre in Moscow from 7 through to 9 February 2012 – the organizers, DLG International and MVC VVC, present their upgraded exhibition concept

In recent years AgroFarm has established a name for itself as the leading international exhibition for animal husbandry and breeding in Russia. At an AgroFarm advisory council meeting, the organizers - DLG International and MVC VVC – presented their upgraded concept for AgroFarm 2012 which is scheduled to take place in Moscow from 7 to 9 February 2012 in a new, modern hall at the city’s All-Russia Exhibition Centre (VVC).

AgroFarm’s product programme covers all key animal species and all key areas of animal production, from genetics right through to processing. A great favourite are the event’s live demonstrations which allow visitors to experience modern animal technology and farm inputs as well as animal handling and care under practice-oriented conditions. AgroFarm 2012 will feature live demonstrations on topics such as ‘cow comfort and ‘integrated farm management with automated systems.’

For the first time, there will be an information forum dedicated to the ‘prevention of mycotoxicosis amongst farm animals’ – a very topical issue for Russia’s livestock breeders. Various companies will be using this neutral forum to showcase their solutions for avoiding, treating and minimising the impacts of mycotoxines. All of the main animal feedstuffs will be looked at.

The technical programme’s central event is the specialist forum ‘Russia gears up for the export of animal products’. The focus here is on securing the competitiveness of Russian animal production by reducing production costs, improving the quality of animal products (meat, eggs, and milk) and investing in the modernization of animal production techniques. Other key focal points of the event will include government support packages and market regulation. AgroFarm 2012 will also be organising another forum on ‘Careers in livestock production – the path to a secure future’, along with a job exchange for young Russian professionals entering the agribusiness sector.

At the meeting of the AgroFarm  advisory council chaired by Vladimir Fisinin, the Vice-President of the Russian Academy of Agricultural Sciences and President of the Russian Poultry Union, members voted in favour of the new features and outlined a series of topics for discussion at AgroFarm 2012. These included, amongst others, working together to set up breeding centres to boost reproduction in cattle farming; using local resources to meet needs in animal genetics; engaging in international cooperation to develop livestock production in Russia; ensuring veterinary safety; and small livestock farming.

230 exhibitors from 19 countries took part in AgroFarm 2011. The biggest contingencies were from Russia, Germany, France Denmark, the Netherlands and Canada. A large number of foreign companies are expected to take part in 2012, too. Germany will be organizing a joint stand and Denmark and France are planning a joint stand.

The results of a survey conducted at AgroFarm 2011 show that almost 70 % of visitors were managing directors or had some other executive status authorising them to make investments or influence such decisions. Some 52 % of visitors stated they were intending to invest in animal production in the next two years.