AgroFarm sponsors the Road Show “Way for milk!”
"AgroFarm is a very important event for Russia. We want to cooperate with foreign companies, to develop our own production. The most important fact is that despite the difficult situation, practically all renowned manufacturers came to the show. I am quite sure that they found their customers, consumers and partners here to increase their exports to Russia."
Sergey Lisovskiy, Senior Vice-president of Council of the Federation Committee for Agrarian and Food Policy and Environmental Management

AgroFarm sponsors the Road Show “Way for milk!”

The Road Show “Way for milk!” will be travelling through Russia from 6 to 9 August 2012.

The participants in the Road Show will be travelling through four Russian regions – Jaroslavskaya, Tverskaya, Novgorodskaya and Leningradrskaya oblast within four days.

On their journey they will meet the regional milk producers and regional administrations, discuss the situation in the milk production sector in the respective region and visit some dairy farmers and milk-processing plants.
This is an excellent opportunity to gain a live and practice-driven insight into Russian dairy farming, to establish new contacts and to make AgroFarm even better known in the regions. That is why AgroFarm is supporting this initiative as a sponsor.

We invite your company to support this action and take part in the Road Show too!

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