International exhibitors view AgroFarm as key industry platform in Russia

AgroFarm 2015, which takes place in Moscow 3 – 5 February 2015, is expected to attract more than 10,000 industry professionals keen to see the latest information and technology on show from over 340 exhibitors.
Companies, manufacturers and organisations from 28 countries will present a wide range of solutions suitable for Russian livestock farmers, more than half of these companies coming from outside Russia with Germany, France, Italy, China, Belarus, USA and Denmark representing the majority.
The high number of international exhibitors indicates that companies continue to view AgroFarm, an event established in 2007, as an important platform to introduce new and existing products to the Russian market, despite the current volatile political and economic situation across the region.
AgroFarm recognises innovation
Each year, in the run-up to AgroFarm, exhibitors compete to win three types of awards. These are best product, best service and best scientific development.
This year 55 applications were submitted, resulting in 17 winners being selected by a panel of industry experts who chose 11 winners for best product, four for best scientific development and two for best service. The awards ceremony will take place on 3 February 2015 at 10am at the exhibition itself. 

Unique technical programme
The information requirement within the Russian livestock industry is significant. Specialist livestock units require modern and professional solutions to ensure the competitiveness of their businesses. This applies to all sector areas including breeding, health, feeding, husbandry, management and logistics.
In addition to the extensive exhibition program, Russian farmers will also find a comprehensive technical line-up exploring each of these sector areas, making AgroFarm more than just an exhibition, but a key industry information portal.
One significant event is the Business Forum, entitled Business forum “Livestock production and processing: incentives for growth and modernization”
which takes place on 4 February at 11 am in Conference Hall 1, Hall 75 of the VDNH site.
As a result of the policy to reduce and replace food imports, fresh demands on the Russian livestock industry have emerged. Opportunities for producers and processors have arisen, however these opportunities also bring new challenges. How can these opportunities be harnessed? And how can these challenges be overcome? These questions will be extensively discussed during the forum.
Other highlights will include:

  • Congress: National Union of Milk Producers (Soyuzmoloko)

  • Business meeting: Pig farming today and tomorrow
  • International Conference: Accessing promising markets for Russian industrial poultry exports
  • Annual Meeting:  National Cattlemen’s Beef Association
  • Workshop: Livestock management in dairy goat farming; establishment of breed livestock farms, production and sales practices
  • Round table: Contemporary rabbit farming: current issues and solutions
  • Conference: Aquaculture today

Biosecurity highlighted through dedicated Information Centre
This year’s technical show program includes a special emphasis on biosecurity.  Biosecurity in the livestock sector is multifaceted and achieving it entails putting in place strict management protocols extending across each stage of production, regardless of animal species.
This includes sourcing disease-free replacements, ensuring high-health status within existing stock and establishing strict standards of animal management and welfare throughout each stage of management.
In order to promote the importance of achieving biosecurity, the Information Centre at AgroFarm will provide practical solutions and advice on reducing the incidence of animal disease across each industry, with particular emphasis on preventing potentially harmful exposure to disease and bacteria.
Advice on the following will be highlighted:

  • Hygiene and cleaning
  • Disinfection
  • Segregation
  • Monitoring and control

AgroFarm highlights solutions for the Russian livestock industry from more than 340 exhibitors attending the show from over 28 countries.  Last year, in excess of 10,000 visitors travelled from over  75 russian regions   to attend the leading Russian event.    
Supported by the Ministry of Agriculture of the Russian Federation, AgroFarm takes place in hall 75 of the VDNH exhibition centre (formerly All-Russian Exhibition Centre) and is organised by DLG International GmbH (Frankfurt am Main), a subsidiary of the DLG, and OAO (VDNH).
The DLG’s expertise in agriculture helps ensure that AgroFarm delivers key, industry-sensitive information in the most visitor-friendly way.   
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